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3. Complete Your Sale

a) For the buyers peace of mind you may want to send them a photograph of your V5, Retention Document or Certificate of Entitlement to prove that you own the plate, but make sure you hide the certificate number/reference number as it’s possible for someone to instantly transfer your private plate to their car using these numbers. For payment, we recommend using a secure service such as Paypal providing peace of mind and protection to both parties.

b) Only Required if your number plate is on a vehicle- Once you have received the payment, you need to transfer the registration. If it’s currently on a vehicle then you should take it off and put it on to a retention certificate. You can do this using the DVLA’s new online service here, or you can complete a V317 application paper form here. It costs £80, but this includes the Assignment Fee, meaning that the buyer doesn’t have to pay any more fees to put the plate onto their vehicle.

c) Once you have taken the number plate off your vehicle and it’s ‘on retention’ you can transfer it to the buyer. The easiest way to do this is to give the buyer the Certificate Number then the buyer can instantly take rights/ownership of the registration on the DVLA website here. Alternatively, if the postal method is prefered, then you just need to sign & date in Sections 1 & 6 on your Retention Document and post it to the buyer using a trackable service.

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Dealers and auction sites take 10% to 30% commission; we take 0% commission. Some dealers undervalue number plates to incorporate their commission. We provide an honest independent valuation that's back backed by research. You can sell your number plate faster by advertising it commission-free & thousands of potential buyers visit our attractive website each week.
Your number plate is worth what someone is willing to pay, which can be less or more than it's actual value. You'll have the reassurance of our independent valuation carried out by one of our team with years of experience, not robots like some competitors. Our valuation is backed by research, we explore data across multiple networks & resources for validity. We're honest & trustworthy, we take 0% commission whereas some dealers undervalue to incorporate their own commissions. You'll receive your valuation certificate by email within one working day, which you can share with your potential buyers.
You'll receive your valuation certificate by email within one working day, which you can share with your potential buyers.
Yes, many of our sellers sell their number plate whilst it's on their vehicle. Once your number plate has sold and you've received payment, you can follow our simple steps in "How To Sell" to transfer your number plate onto a DVLA retention certificate using the DVLA’s online service, or you can complete a V317 application paper form.
Your advert is instantly live, but you will get to preview your advert first & once live you can edit your advert anytime.
Our listings are designed to sell one number plate, but if you wish to sell more number plates, you can create additional listings but only one at a time.
Some number plates sell very quickly & others can take even months to receive an enquiry, but there are influential factors such as desirability & price. You'll have the reassurance of our independent valuation & unlike dealers/auction sites we take 0% commission. Therefore, you can attract more buyers and sell your number plate faster.
Once you confirm your advert potential buyers will be able to contact you through the contact form on your advert.
You can follow our simple "How To Sell" steps to complete your sale.
Notify us by email, and we will remove your advert within one working day.