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For peace of mind, you may want to ask the seller to send a photograph of the V5, Retention Document or Certificate of Entitlement to prove that they own the plate. For payment, we recommend using a secure service such as Paypal providing peace of mind and protection to both parties. Once the seller has received payment the seller needs to give you the Certificate Number so you can instantly take rights/ownership of the registration on the DVLA website here. Alternatively, if the postal method is prefered, then the seller just needs to sign & date in Sections 1 & 6 on the Retention Document and post it to you using a trackable service.

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You cannot make your vehicle appear younger than its true age. So you can't assign a registration mark associated with a year that comes after the year of registration of your vehicle. For example, you cannot assign R12 DRT (1997) to an N registered (1995) vehicle. However, you could assign N12 DRT to an R registered vehicle. Dateless number plates, for example, 12 AB and 2 CD can be assigned to a vehicle of any age. The age of your vehicle is the 'first registered' date as stated on the vehicle's V5 registration document.