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You can simply follow our "How To Sell" steps to create a super easy instant live advert, cutting out the middleman and you will keep 100% of the selling price.
You can simply follow our "How To Buy" steps to purchase the number plate directly from the seller, meaning there is no middleman and therefore no commission to pay.
If you're unsure of your asking price tick "open to receiving offers" to allow buyers to make offers. Our Valuation Service is available after "(Step 3) Confirm Your Advert", and you can edit your advert anytime. Unlike dealers and auction sites we take 0% commission; therefore we do not undervalue your number plate to allow for a commission, we provide you with an honest valuation.
Some number plates sell very quickly but others can take even months to receive an enquiry, but there are influential factors such as price and desirability. Unlike dealers and auction sites we take 0% commission. Therefore, you can attract more buyers and sell your number plate faster.
Our listings are designed to sell one number plate, but if you wish to sell more number plates, you can create additional listings but only one at a time.
Notify us by email, and we will remove your advert within one working day.
You cannot make your vehicle appear younger than its true age. So you can't assign a registration mark associated with a year that comes after the year of registration of your vehicle. For example, you cannot assign R12 DRT (1997) to an N registered (1995) vehicle. However, you could assign N12 DRT to an R registered vehicle. Dateless number plates, for example, 12 AB and 2 CD can be assigned to a vehicle of any age. The age of your vehicle is the 'first registered' date as stated on the vehicle's V5 registration document.
Dealers and auction sites take 10% to 30% commission; we take 0% commission. Some dealers undervalue number plates to incorporate their commission. We provide an honest independent valuation that's back backed by research. You can sell your number plate faster by advertising it commission-free & thousands of potential buyers visit our attractive website each week.